_who would have thought_


_life in a box_

I can tell you right now that two months ago I never would have thought that I would be living with friends in a room over the garage.

Well honestly I would have never thought we would have sold my childhood home, got rid of about 75% of our stuff, and have our entire life stored in a 10×20 storage unit. Even when I read back over that my mind is blown.

I am not a huge risk taker. Well back in the day I definitely was – jumping on motorcycles riding at least 80-100 mph down the freeway, four wheeling, jet skiing, and really doing whatever brought as much risk as I could possibly endure, but its crazy how that can change when you begin to have a family of your own. Risk taking doesn’t seem to be fun anymore. All this momma tends to worry about is the worst possible thing that could happen and then that leads to never. doing. it. Man that sounds so freaking boring as I type that out. Living a life with no risks really shows how much faith I have in my God. Never taking a risk means never needing to rely on my Father. WOW. Y’all! I just preached to myself. Holy crap!

So question – how many times have we stayed behind, or not spoke up, or just stopped ourselves from fulfilling a life long dream – all because we were afraid to take that leap of faith. As I sit here I can honestly tell you that I have way more ‘have nots’ than I have “dos” and it all stems from being too scared to just JUMP.

I got to the point where I felt like God was asking us to make such a leap of faith that it sounded crazy to people on the outside. But we did it! We finally JUMPED y’all and man it feels so good. I asked God to stretch us, grow us, and just push us farther than He ever has and He certainly came through. The last two months have been a whirlwind but we feel so much excitement about what is coming. We have absolutely no idea what is coming next – like we seriously have no clue what life looks like next month – but we are ready!

Selling our home and getting rid of our stuff is just the beginning!

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