_ a weekend away _

A weekend away – we all need it…we all deserve it! Its something that I honestly feel like some moms feel bad or the worst mom ever if they decide to take break from it all and spend some time with friends or just have alone time. Ladies, I have never felt bad and never will. We need it. We need that time away to refuel ourselves. We need that time to refresh and reboot. We are better mothers and wives for it and I totally believe it!

So I did just that this past weekend – I got away from it all! I went into the trip with one friend and left gaining three amazing, beautiful friends 🙂 These girls encouraged me, spoke into my life and made me laugh harder than I have in a long time! I absolutely love meeting new people and these girls did not let me down. We danced in the rain at a concert, drank coffee and ate – what girls do best! We also prayed and told our testimonies and life stories – it was beautiful and perfect all at the same time!

It truly is what I needed after the two months we have had.

So mommas don’t feel like you are abandoning your family or that you are horrible mommy if you decide to take a weekend or a night away from life – geez even if we want to go grocery shopping or walk the aisles of Target … when we take the time to refuel ourselves we have more to pour out into our families. But I totally believe that if we don’t refuel ourselves we will burn out … I have been there many times! Burning out is no fun and it definitely is no fun for the ones around us!

So take that day, night or just a few hours to get some ‘me’ time and reboot so that when we pour into our families, we still have some left to pour into ourselves!

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