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Ok so first lets just put it out there just in case you didn’t know, I. love. a. good. handbag! I would pick a handbag before I would buy an item of clothing. At one point it got a little insane but with going into a simpler life, its been a bit easier to say no.

But with that being said, I love to support local shops as well and let me just tell you,  Virginia Beach is full of them. Whether it be a jewelry shop, home decor, or fashion – they are everywhere! I love it! My husband may not like it very much but he gets over it.

I got to play around with a few things from a local artist, Ashton Keely, and it was perfect in every way! Ashton is so talented and her hand-crafted and custom leather goods are out of this world. If you love to support local business’ I would highly suggest checking her out on Facebook  and also her Etsy shop @ AshtonKeely

The simplicity of her work is absolutely stunning! I love how she pays close attention to every detail with each of her pieces – from the earrings, to the bracelets and then finished off with the custom leather handbag, every piece is beautiful in its own way!


Tar Roof (VA Beach, VA)


Tar Roof (Va Beach, Virginia)

**Pictures were taken at The Tar Roof in Virginia Beach, VA. Such a beautiful art gallery and also a perfect venue to host weddings and other ceremonies! 


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