_ what owns you _

I have dealt with stomach issues pretty much my entire life. For most of my younger years I could never point to one thing that caused my issues. I have had numerous endoscopic procedures and even a colonoscopy (I’m only 35!) but no one has really given me a definite answer to my problem. I have had some say IBS and some say that I am lactose intolerant but honestly I don’t think they really knew! I was so tired of Drs and Dr. appointments that I just decided to handle it myself. Each Dr. that I went to had their prescriptions for me and at one point I was on seven different medications and still wasn’t feeling any better! I was so tired of taking pills that one day I literally flushed every single one of them down the toilet. I think I was just at a point of frustration and my emotions took over and I had had enough.

I have read every book that I could think of to help me and tried different diet fads that worked for a short period of time but then I stopped seeing results. It was so tiring and it took a lot out of me and my family. But in all seriousness I still deal with those problems and one of the main reasons is I haven’t actually set my mind to get my eating down right.

So a few Saturdays we had a lunch for a few birthdays in our family and I literally missed about an hour of time and saying goodbye to most of them because I had an episode. Normally I can handle an episode but this was different. It was like my body was screaming at me! Telling me that it was time to buckle down and stop putting stuff in my body that is tearing it a part. I can’t imagine the damage I have done to my stomach and intestines but Saturday I finally made the decision to STOP. I had no other choice because I was exhausted of just ‘dealing’ with my issues. I do not want to continue down this same path of never knowing when my body would have enough. I wanted to stop depending on having a bathroom around all. the. time.

I know what I need to do. I have no other choice, really. This weekend was a wake up call that I have needed for quite some time. It was an extremely painful wake up call but it was necessary for me to stop killing my body and start feeding it what it needs.

So no more crap. I still am not absolutely sure what causes me pain but I know that some oils and dairy definitely contribute. So I am cutting those out!

Its time to simplify my food intake. Its time to get back to meal planning and MAN I can’t wait to get in our new home and get back in the kitchen. Living in a place that you can’t call your own sure makes you miss having your own place. I can’t wait to have my kids back and start life again! It has been a nice break but five weeks is long enough.


So what is something that is in your life that is toxic? It doesn’t have to be food. It can be your phone, social media, tv…. Its time to realize what you can live without. My husband preached a couple of Sundays ago and he made this statement, “what you can’t fast from, owns you.” GOSH! It was like a smack to my face. Fasting from certain food was so hard for me. That definitely shows that it owns me. Well not anymore!

So honestly look at your life. What owns you? What can’t you fast from? With going into this next season of our lives I need to be the best me that I can possibly be. Its time for all of us to be the best version of ourselves!

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