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So as most of you know our family has been in simplify mode and I honestly can say its one of the best things we have done in a while. When we moved from our last home we donated or gave away over 70% of our ‘stuff’ and it felt sooooo good!! We also went through our closets and donated over 40 trash bags of clothes. It definitely made me cringe a bit but now when I look back, I can’t even remember what I put in those bags!


With that being said when my friend brought up Project 333, I was ready for the challenge. I love my clothes and when something has that much control over you, its time to step back and reevaluate.

So if you have never heard of Project 333 the rules are actually pretty simple – 33 different items in 3 months! That is right, you can only wear 33 things from your closet. This includes clothing, shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories you wear during the day. The rules are a bit lengthy but totally easy to understand.

My girl over at www.simplifytheheart.com has all the rules written out for you guys! This week I’ll be going through my closet and I will share with you all the pieces that I have decided on before we begin! When you click the link above my friend shows how using the same pieces to create different outfits can be fun and not so discouraging! She also has modified a few of the rules to make this challenge at little bit easier to follow.


I’m so excited to start Project 333 September 5th and minimize my closet even more! I hope you decide to join us on this adventure for the next three months. I will be sharing my 333 challenge on my Instagram feed as well — @_oursimplelife_


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