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Once we learn to be obedient in the small things, God can bless us with more. This is what I love about the couple behind Werrell Woodworks.


“I started this woodworking business with the sole intention to have more time to spend with my wife one day. We both worked two jobs and completely got robbed of that first year of marriage. So the goal of being able to work together was a stretch but it was something I couldn’t let go of once it entered into my mind.

Through a couple of months of working this on the side making pieces by day and working by night, I got to leave my job and pursue this with all of my efforts and four months later my wife Cori was able to leave her job and started to work with me. Now we are on our 14th month of business – working, sweating, and getting covered in saw dust on a daily basis.

Through this entire process we were striving to spend more time with each other, but actually it was the Lord who wanted more of us. Month by month with no clue on how we would pay bills, we were forced to trust Him to bring people our way, to something, anything! We had no choice but to believe Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than them?”

We have had to believe the songs we sang every Sunday and actually step into the unknown and relax knowing that He is aware and will take care of our needs. Through this process we are starting to see the big picture, but I think without the process of pain, low funds, and maximum stress, we would never be able to appreciate and actually acknowledge the way He has moved on our behalf, and answer the prayers we were praying our entire first year of marriage. This surely has been a journey worth taking and I would do it all over again if I could! Luckily it is not over for us, and we have some amazing news to announce next week, so keep an eye on our FB page and IG page for some mind-blowing information!”

– Sam Werrell, owner of Werrell Woodworks.

We have known Sam and Cori since close to the start of their business and we fell in love with them both from the start! There are a few times in your life where you will meet people who are just genuinely amazing. They will do anything for you and just talking to them makes you want to be better!

So when they debuted a table that they made, I knew instantly that I had to do whatever I could to get one! Plus what better way to support local! We have a few other pieces made by them and we love supporting their business. Check out the farm table they made us!


They also gave us the option to add a bench and ummmm duh I said yes! We are excited to add this piece to our home and now officially feel like our new home is complete!

Here are two other pieces they created for us last year!



So if you are looking to add to your home and love to support local business – check them out at Werrell Woodworks on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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