_ lets do this thing! _

Phew! That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t realize how many items of clothing and shoes were in my closet!

With being a preschool teacher, I had to think about my wardrobe and also what I am allowed to wear to school but then make sure I am comfortable, which is extremely important for me. I think I ended up with some pretty good pieces!

**You will notice some of my pictures have a blue ‘X’ on them. I gathered my favorites from each group first and then I had to eliminate some to get down to my 33.


The first is my cardigans, sweaters, vests, and the much-needed jean jacket. I love a good cover up because honestly you can make the same black dress look completely different when you change-up the style of cardigan! So you will see more of them in my 33 than anything else.

I have eight of these bad boys! I’m telling you guys, these are a staple in your closet. You will want as many as you can have because like I said before, they transform any outfit!


Next up is my pants/jeans/leggings/skirts. I have about 10 pair of black leggings but I narrowed it down to just one and will just wash those suckers A. LOT.


Ok here comes my pull overs and dresses…and you will notice a lot of black and white because those two colors are easier to pair up with any color. I have some short sleeve and long sleeve in there, which helps since we are doing this challenge over a season change! Also once it gets a bit colder all of these dresses can be paired with my leggings. Perfecto!


Now onto my shirts. I have the least amount of these because again the trusty cardigans will come in handy for these as well. My two button ups can serve as cardigans so again another way to change-up an outfit.


Onto the shoes. Ok I love my shoes and this was the hardest of them all. I narrowed it down to four choices because again with it still being pretty warm here, sandals are a must. Also with being on my feet all day I needed choices that weren’t going to kill my feet. By far these four pair of shoes are my absolute fav and besides the Toms, I can wear these with everything that I picked.


Ok so there you have it!!!! 33 items. Geesh! Now lets hope I made the right choices!

So in my Vlog earlier this week I talked about there being a few items that I will not be counting in my 33 and here they are…


These four items are necessities so I do not count them. I will wear all four of these items everyday. My necklace I actually never take off! I love my Alex and Ani bracelets but have sacrificed them for the next three months. Oh and I cant forget about my school spirit shirt. I did not count that in my 33 either. This shirt is only worn at school so I figured it would be ok to just leave it out!

So there ya go! I am all set for Tuesday to get here. Over on my Instagram account (@oursimplelife) I will post my daily choices! So if you want to see how I am creating my different outfits with just a few pieces make sure to follow me there.

I am so excited about this journey and I hope some of you have decided to join in with me. If you do please let me know. I would love to see how you are working in those pieces on a daily.

Be back soon…

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