_ 333 update _

Seven days! I will say I was a little worried about getting a week under my belt. This is definitely a bit harder than I thought but I am doing it and that alone makes me happy. It is a challenge for sure but it is making me realize and opening my eyes that all the ‘stuff’ I thought I needed, I really don’t. Once you figure out that you don’t need any of it, it’s so freeing to just let it go.

I have had a lot of questions about what I did with my other clothes – if I threw them away or gave them away. When we moved I gave a ton of clothes away but when I began this challenge I took the remaining clothes that I had and put them in containers and just stuck them in my closet. I wanted them out of site so that I wasn’t tempted to just sneak something on that wasn’t in my 33.

Also I have had people ask if you can swap a piece for another piece and they answer is no, haha! It would defeat the whole purpose of just using 33 items. The only time you can switch is if you notice that one of your pieces of clothing has either ripped or there is a stain that can’t be removed – which just happened to me, well I think! I have one of my favorite LuLaRoe dresses and I just noticed that it looks like I have a huge grease stain on the front. I am attempting to wash it this weekend to see if I can get the stain out. If I can’t I will replace it and let you all know what I put in its place.

So I hope some of you have had the urge to start cleaning out closets and maybe even decided to hop on the Project 333 train! I have had some people come up and tell me that they are going through their clothes and it amazed them to see how much stuff they have compared to how much stuff they actually wear. Its crazy when you compare the two!

Here are my outfits for the past seven days just in case you missed it over on my instagram feed – @_oursimplelife_

You will notice that day six and day seven are the same! I loved this outfit so much and since I only wore it to church Sunday morning, I figured it would be a perfect outfit for Monday!

I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Please let me know if you are joining the challenge and if you have any questions please ask. Be back soon!

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