_ our worst critic _

Guys! I did it. I worked out two times last week. Man that is a huge win for this gal! I haven’t worked out even once a week in about six months. I’ll take the two times and aim to add one more next week. And as I was thinking about this post and so excited to let you guys know about my small victory, I began to think about how many small victories we forget to celebrate.

I mean seriously – how many times do we have a win during the day but we talk ourselves out of them because they werent ‘big’ enough? I do this all the time. Why are we so hard on ourselves?  We can blame people for their words towards us but how hard are our words to ourselves? That’s a hard question to answer. Trust me I know.

I am my worst critic. I totally suck at praising myself – ahhhh! <——- See I almost deleted that sentence because again that was so harsh. 

Ladies and gents it’s time to start loving ourselves more. It’s time to stop being our harshest critic and start lifting ourselves up. In one of my very first video blogs I talked about comparison and how hard it will tear us down. Gosh and its so easy to compare all. the. time. Social media is the worst place and if we realize that everyone normally posts the highlights we would stop comparing our lives to what we see.

Who is with me? It’s time to start loving ourselves and seeing ourselves as God sees us. He is our creator. He is the one that formed us in our mothers womb. Who are we to put down His creation? Psalm 139: 13-14 puts it so perfectly.


So lets spend some time this coming week talking to ourselves better. Lets love ourselves a bit more and definitely give more grace. God shows us waaayyy more grace than we show ourselves.


We also come across so many people on a daily basis that need an encouraging word. Our worship pastor challenged us to ask God to show us people that need to feel his love. So I am challenging you as well! If we begin to speak the positive over our lives then speaking into others lives will come so much easier.

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