_ week 2 project 333 _

This going simple journey has been one of the best things for our family! We have grown stronger, closer and just better from learning to get rid of all the crap. We are teaching our children that just because the world says we ‘need’ something, doesn’t mean we have to have it. Its like society drills that into our children’s heads before they even have a chance to speak. That’s another reason we got rid of cable, for the commercials that feed into us constantly. My kids don’t even know about half the stuff that is popular now and it is wonderful!

Ok so here is my update from my Project 333 week 2 –

Phew! I made it to week three and week two is now behind me! I honestly am still amazed at myself for making it this far. But it has actually been fun coming up with different ways to take the same dress and transform it into something totally new! So here are my week two outfits –

I’m truly enjoying this project and it has made me realize how many clothes that I have that just collect dust. Also during these two weeks I have only worn the same outfit twice! That’s a win for me for sure. I hope that some of you have decided to jump on the train. I would love to hear about it if you have just so I can keep encouraging and helping you along in this journey.

Be back soon!

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