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So the other day I had someone tell me that I am so photogenic and look comfortable in front of the camera. For one I am horrible at taking compliments – I’m working on it – so I very nicely said thank you while I was finding some reason to discredit her compliment (it goes back to speaking positivity over ourselves but I’m still a work in progress!) Second yes I can take a selfie – ill pat myself on the back for that one but when someone else is holding the camera I turn into a weirdo!

I don’t know what it is but I am awkward. I can’t stop laughing and just plain goofy. I’m not one that likes to be the center of attention so when it comes to having pictures done with just me in them, yea it rarely comes out cute.

So a couple of months ago we took a trip to San Diego with some friends. At different points of the trip we decided to take some fun pictures for our blogs and Instagram feeds. It was a great plan until I got in front of the camera. I couldn’t stop laughing and posing was just so uncomfortable for me! I think at one point we were both laughing so hard we just had to stop! I’m telling you guys, I turn goofy! Every pose I felt like a robot and had about 20 chins because I was laughing so hard!

Ok so if you don’t believe me scroll down and look! Here is your proof! These are some raw, unedited pictures! No filters, just me – hahahaha!



I mean what in the world am I doing in the first picture!

When I see these pictures I start to laugh – one I remember the good time we had just walking around the city picking out amazing backdrops and two I look ridiculous! And no I am not being harsh on myself but I honestly can’t find a reason  as to why I just can’t stand there, pose and smile!

But guess what, that’s me, in all my glory! As I get older I definitely am becoming happier with myself. I think you get to a certain point where what the world says you aren’t, you rely on what God says you are! And its waaaayyyy more valuable than anything the world can label you with.

So no matter how comfortable you are in front of the camera, no matter how good your selfie is  – lets all praise ourselves a little better and take compliments with more heart.

So embrace your awkwardness – I sure am!

Be back soon!

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