_ thank you _


thank you

I just want to write a quick post just to tell you all THANK YOU! Since starting this journey a few months ago our lives have been turned upside down. We are learning to live this life a totally different way, a way that helps bring us closer together as a family.

I love the blogging community and the people who follow. It truly is a community that has each others back. I mean there are the occasional people that are negative and just plain rude, but all in all, I have come across positivity and love.


Blogging is not the easiest thing to do. Trying to keep up on a weekly basis is tiring. Also trying to find things to say sometimes can be pretty hard. I have tried blogging two or three times before this but this time it just feels different. I feel like this is what I am supposed to do for this season.

SO thank you to the ones that continue to read and follow along. Thank you to the ones that send me encouraging words. You guys makes this thing worth it. I know we don’t live the most exciting life but I truly feel that if I can help just ONE person through this journey, then I have done my job.

Be back tomorrow with my week three Project 333 update!

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