_ project 333 week 3 _

Woohoo! Yall I am definitely patting myself on the back for making it three full weeks and now I am headed into the last week for month one! Holy freaking cow. I honestly did not think that I would make it this far.

And on top of that I will say that this is one of the best things I have challenged myself to do. I am learning that all the crap in our closets is not worth all the money we spend. There are so many ways to take a few pieces and mix and match to make new outfits. In three weeks I have only repeated a complete outfit ONCE! Yep you read that correctly – one time! Now I am wearing the same pieces but when you pair it with a different cardigan or bottoms, it’s totally new in my book!

So I am going to answer a few questions that I have heard over the past three weeks. Here we go…

  1. What did you do with all of your other clothes? I threw them all away – HAHA! Just kidding! I bought a few bins and stored them in there. Why? Well I didn’t want the temptation of looking at all my other choices. I need to keep my eye on the prize!
  2. Can you swap clothing out? NO! Big fat no! The only exception to this is if you have an item of clothing that tears or gets a stain on it that cannot be removed. Now don’t go pouring bleach over something so you can swap it out. After this challenge you may regret that!
  3. Do shoes count? Absolutely! They most certainly do. I have four pair. So that left me with 29 items of clothing.
  4. Did you count jewelry and handbags? I did not count jewelry or handbags, but I only wear one pair of earrings, one watch, two bracelets that I never take off, and only handbag. That’s all and no swapping on those either.
  5. Do you think you will go back to your other clothing when you are done? Most definitely but I will be donating a lot as well. I am realizing there is a lot of stuff I do not need and just collects dust hanging in my closet.

There you have it! Just a few questions that I have heard A LOT over the past few weeks. I’m sure I’ll come across some more as this goes further along.

Check out the pictures below for a recap of week three and I’ll be back soon!

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