_where do you live?_

You know that old saying ‘actions speak louder than words?’ I think it is totally the other way around. Your words have so much power – probably more than you know. Now don’t get me wrong, your actions definitely speak volume, but your words (to me) mean so much more.

God is teaching me this over this season of my life. Here are a few things I am beginning to learn:

  • I am learning how much power my words have.
  • I am learning that just because they sound ok to me, doesn’t mean they sound the same to someone else.
  • I am also learning that sometimes the way words come out mean totally different to the person that I am talking to than they do to me.
  • I am learning to think before I speak.
  • I am learning that sometimes it is better to listen than trying to interject a comment.
  • I am learning to listen so that I wont stay in my ignorance.
  • I am learning to use love now more than ever and giving love when maybe I am not shown it in return.

I want to live outside of ignorance.

I want to stay fully educated on the issues of this world. I do not want to lack in any area because I refuse to take the blinders off. It is so easy for us to live in ignorance. Most of us do and we don’t even realize it. We don’t even realize how much meaning our words have until they hurt someone. We don’t even realize what those words can do to friendships.

Its time for us as people to use love in everything we do. Will we come across people who we don’t agree with, of course – but does that mean we don’t listen? NO! There will never be a time in this world where everyone will be on the same page, think the same, or agree on everything. It just isn’t possible. Does that mean we just stay in our ignorance? Absolutely not. I want to learn from everyone’s point of view, even if it isn’t mine. .

I know that there are something’s that I may not fully understand but that’s when we have to educate ourselves as much as we can. Don’t just sit in the ignorance, do something about it. We just don’t throw our hands up in the air and quit.

I am so thankful for a group of friends who are honest and open. I am thankful that I am surrounded by people who love me even if sometimes I don’t say the right thing. I am thankful that I have people around me that know my heart.

Its time that we start using love.

What areas are you uneducated in?

What areas to you show ignorance?

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