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So I have a confession to make – day 48 of project 333 was my last day. But first let me tell you my why before you call me a quitter. Yes I am quitting and stopping the challenge but for me it is deeper than me just wanting to wear the rest of my clothes. That is actually a small reason as to why I am stopping. The bigger reason hits a bit deeper for me.

I have always been the one to tell you to stop comparing your lives to the tiny squares you see on Instagram or the posts you see on Facebook. Those are just small snippets into someone else’s life, not the big picture. Usually those posts portray the highlights of ones life – although some people are real enough to fess up when life isn’t perfect and I like to believe that I am one of those people.

But I felt like I got a bit off track during this Project 333. I noticed I was checking my Social Media a lot more than normal. I was actually paying attention to the number of likes I was getting – which I usually do not give two craps about and the icing on the cake was I found myself trying to get as many followers as I could possibly get. Who am I? I was turning into someone who I didn’t want to be. I was turning into what I preach against. Social Media is great but when we begin to let it take over our lives, that’s when it becomes a problem.

And I love social media don’t get me wrong. I almost wish I had gone into that when I was in school but back then it wasn’t a ‘thing’ like it is now. I love reaching people who need to be reached. I love making an impact but when trying to make an impact begins to rule you, that’s when you need to step back a reevaluate your WHY.

In the beginning my why was to make a difference, to help people and to be His light in this dark world. That began to change. I know its weird that a challenge can do that but it did. My why began to change. My focus changed.

God revealed that to me this weekend and I heard the question, “what is your why?” It shook me.

So if you are wondering why I stopped, that’s my why. I got caught up in the rat race of social media and I’m done. I’m done worrying about my number of likes, followers or shares. Im done worrying about how I look in my picture of the day. It was tiring. I have a full time job and it isnt social media. So why was I letting it take over every area of my life? I’m ready to get back to my original why – to be Gods light in this world.

So what is your why? Why do you post on social media? It is to up your followers, make money or just to be a light? Honestly your why can be all three but please don’t lose sight of who you are. Don’t let this world make you lose your light.


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