_ its time _

Around 13 years ago Anthony and I began our journey as a newly married couple. Those first few months were amazing and we were definitely in the honeymoon stage but that quickly wore off. See I had a jealously problem that came from past relationships and I continued to carry it into our marriage and it almost ruined us. I say almost because together we realized we needed something. We knew we needed God. We knew that we needed a community that would lift us up. We knew that we needed to surround ourselves with people who wanted nothing but good for us. So we did it. We started our journey looking for a church.

12 years ago we walked into the doors of Parkway. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and once we were greeted by the parking lot ministry, we both looked at each other and just knew. There was something special about that place and it pulled us in. We felt like family the first time we walked through those doors. We never left. They became our family and it was just what we needed, God is what we longed for.

We have seen Parkway go through so many transitions and changes. We walked into that all white church a long time ago and we are walking out of one of the most multicultural churches in this region. Seeing the congregation change over the past years has been one of the most amazing things to witness.

Parkway gave my husband and I so many opportunities, whether we were ready or not and we will be forever grateful! From leading the young adults, to working in children’s ministry to becoming children’s pastor and then ultimately working alongside my husband as campus pastors, we have been so blessed with the doors that God opened during our time there.

Over the past year or more God has been working in our family. We knew that our time was coming. It has been hard because we have built our own little family of five during our time at Parkway. That place is all my children know! That was definitely something that made this decision a bit harder but God worked it all out and they are excited for this next part of our family’s journey!


So we knew that our time to step out of the boat was now.

And that time came this past week. Yesterday we officially announced that we have stepped down as campus pastors and beginning our own ministry. We have an amazing support group and people who are standing with us.

I honestly still can’t believe that this is actually happening. We have talked about this for quite some time and to actually see God working out what He has planned for us, words cant even describe!

So stay tuned for more! We cant wait to fill you all in soon!

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