The Heart of The Session

So I guess what prompted me to write this was a video that I saw on Facebook yesterday from a local nonprofit, 99 for the 1. This group of people are warriors for the homeless in the Hamptons Roads area of Virginia. They are out on the front lines helping people who most forget about.

In their live video yesterday they went out to see a group of men that they have built relationships with, and checking out their camp where they lived in tents. They honestly were hoping (I think everyone watching was too) that they wouldn’t find them. See it snowed here in Virginia Beach a few nights ago and we got over a foot. Now I know that may seem small to you northern states but here at the beach, it’s really unheard of. We get a few inches every now and then but over a foot is just crazy!

Well needless to say they found their friends and noticed that one of their tents and their heater had broken. So they decided to put these men up in a hotel for a few nights. The temps here are just insane and having a warm place to stay is just what these men needed.

It truly is a video everyone needs to see. We sit here in our cozy homes complaining about how the snow is so inconvenient – how it keeps us from going to the grocery store, Target or getting our nails done or working out – but I imagine they were in those tents, freezing their butts off, praying that they would make it through the next night.

We do not realize how good we have it. Instead of complaining about how much money is in our account or how cold it may be outside, lets begin to be thankful for what we do have. Thankful that we can put food on our tables. Thankful that we have a bed to sleep in. There are so many things in our daily lives that we can thank God for.

After seeing the video I knew that The Session family needed to support this ministry in any way possible. After reaching out to see how we could help, The Session was able to provide these men with a hot lunch today. I know that may seem small to some but being able to help in anyway for these men was something we wanted to do.

We honestly cant wait to partner with 99 for the 1 more! Oh and by the way, they are the sweetest people and their hearts are on fire for helping those that are in need!


After doing some research and checking out the Union Missions website, there are roughly 2000 or more people in the HR area that are homeless and the number of homeless families is growing year after year. This is just insane to me and breaks my heart.

This is the heart of The Session!

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